Terms and conditions

Prime Creative Media is a print, online and digital publisher to industry sectors.

Subscription to Prime Creative Media magazines or online news services are subject to the following terms and conditions (Standard Terms and Conditions):

  1. Subscription prices quoted by Prime Creative Media are inclusive of delivery costs.
  2. You must ensure Prime Creative Media is provided with the correct contact information and order details on the subscription form or over the phone. Prime Creative Media will not be liable for any consequences of errors or incorrect information including, but not limited to, failure to send publications to the correct address. You must notify Prime Creative Media of any change to your postal or email address or any other relevant details.
  3. By subscribing to a Prime Creative Media product you have entered a contract (Subscription Contract) with Prime Creative Media. The term of the Subscription Contract is for the period (Subscription Period) nominated on the subscription form, agreed over the phone or through some other means of official communication, which corresponds with the subscription amount paid.
  4. You may cancel your subscription to a Prime Creative Media product at any time during the Subscription Period by advising Prime Creative Media of the cancellation in writing or by telephone. Prime Creative Media will provide a refund being the equivalent value of the remaining subscription owing to you prior to cancellation. It may take up to fifteen business days to process the cancellation request, in which case any refunded amount will apply from the time the cancellation takes effect.
  5. Prime Creative Media will not, under any circumstances, provide a refund for products received by you.
  6. Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (and the Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Amendment Act 2012) and in accordance with Prime Creative Media's Privacy Policy outlined below, you agree that the information provided by you, including your name, address and email address, shall become the property of Prime Creative Media.
  7. By entering the Subscription Contract you:
    1. consent to Prime Creative Media's use of your personal information in accordance with Prime Creative Media's Privacy Policy;
    2. consent to the receipt of emails from Prime Creative Media containing information and offers about relevant Prime Creative Media and partner products and services. Should you wish not to receive promotional offers, you can opt out by contacting subscriptions@primecreative.com.au
    3. acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions may be modified by Prime Creative Media from time to time;
    4. acknowledge that it is your responsibility to regularly review the Terms and Conditions; and
    5. agree to any modification made by Prime Creative Media to the Terms and Conditions.
  8. A subscription to any Prime Creative Media online news service entitles the subscription members to access the standard news content on the newsletter and website.
  9. Pursuant to clause 7 above, you:
    1. consent to online subscription member contact details being used in accordance with Prime Creative Media's Privacy Policy
    2. consent to online subscription members receiving emails from Prime Creative Media containing information and offers about relevant Prime Creative Media and partner products and services.
    3. Online subscription members are able to opt out of receiving promotional offers by emailing subscriptions@primecreative.com.au
    4. All promotional materials also provide an Opt Out link for recipients to stop receiving future promotional communications.
  10. If you have any questions, please contact Prime Creative Media Customer Service at subscriptions@primecreative.com.au