About Us

Mayfam Media was established in June 2016 to acquire a bundle of Construction and Environmental publications from Aspermont Ltd, re-uniting a number of these publications with their founder - Ross May.

The publications include Construction Industry News (CIN), CONTRACTOR magazine (re-launched in October 2017 as Inside Construction magazine), Cranes and Lifting magazine, Inside Waste, Business Environment News (BEN) and WME magazine.

Mayfam Media believes each of our publication must be a vibrant community - facilitating the exchange of information and ideas and providing news and industry updates that save readers time and help them to source relevant products and services that help them do their job better.

The pillars of Mayfam Media's strategy are:

1) Relationships are our most valuable asset. Mayfam Media's success will be built on our contribution to the success of our readers, advertisers and suppliers.

2) Brand strategy. Re-organisation of a number of products, each with separate circulation, branding and content resources under two core brands - Inside Waste and Inside Construction.

3) Market facing. Recognition that whilst our core brands will have many ‘faces' or 'distribution channels' all are part of the one brand and one strategy - to provide unique (scarce), quality content that saves readers time and equips them to do their job better.

4) Advertiser value. Recognising that our advertisers help us deliver valuable content to readers. We must open up our channels to them and work diligently with them to maximise the value we can offer. Above all this will require us to develop genuine partnerships with advertisers that share common values and are focussed on the long-term.

5) Pursuit of efficiency. As Mayfam Media's business model evolves we must pursue automation and efficiency to maintain a competitive advantage. Working closely with our systems partners and honestly sharing our business journey will be key to this.

With over 25 years of history and experience in the Waste, Resource Recovery and Enginerered Construction sectors, our brands are leading providers of essential knowledge to industry.