SANY well understood the customers' need to improve costs, which is why they have introduced the new reach stacker model H9, which saves about 15% machine-related costs per container handled.

This reach stacker of capacity 45t/31t/15t in 1st/2nd/3rd row achieves the 15% cost saving by more containers handled per hour and by fuel efficiency technology. 

An energy recovery system of nitrogen-accumulators supports the boom lifting, which speeds up boom cycling at less engine power demand.

A new type of top-lift spreader decreased the weight by 1t, which allows slimming of counter ballast on the rear of the reach stacker.

Along with other weight saving, the total service weight of the machine reduced by 3t, which allows a faster acceleration at better fuel efficiency. 

This new 6.8t light spreader survived on the factory test stand already 20,000 hours simulated 45t-container handling without any fatigue.

Further, the H9 package includes additional efficiency gains inside the transmission and other functional areas. All these sums up in 15% cost saving per container.