Contractors are being sought to build the $39.5 million Barneson Boulevard in the Northern Territory, which will connect Tiger Brennan Drive and the CBD.

The project will connect Tiger Brennan Drive and the CBD. Pictured: Darwin (Credit: Jeremy_DxG, Flickr CC)

The project will also finalise the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive between Dinah Beach Road and McMinn Street.

"The construction of the Barneson Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive Stage 3 project is expected to support approximately 80 jobs over the life of the project, and will also support further economic development in the Darwin CBD through improved road infrastructure," Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher said.

"The new Barneson Boulevard is planning for Darwin's future, with the link ultimately reducing pressure on other CBD roads and providing commuters with another option to enter and exit the CBD."

Northern Territory Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison said all three tiers of government were working together to revitalise the capital of northern Australia and provide an entry all Territorians can be proud of. 

The tender will be open for a 10-week period and will close in February 2018. Two industry briefings will be held and a number of addendums will be released to confirm a number of design aspects.

Prospective tenderers include Aurecon, AECOM, Jacobs Group, and Cross Developments. Details of the tender can be found here.

The Australian government has committed $29.5 million to the Barneson Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive Stage 3 project, with the Northern Territory government and City of Darwin each committing a further $5 million.