Paul Fletcher, Minister for Urban Infrastructure provides an update on the Western Sydney Airport project.

Paul Fletcher, Minister for Urban Infrastructure.

Western Sydney Airport is on track to open in 2026. This is an exciting time for Western Sydney with significant investment in the region, including the Australian government's investment of up to $5.3 billion to build the airport, and $3.6 billion to upgrade the region's roads under the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan. This investment is critical to meet the needs of one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

The new government-owned company to build the airport, WSA Co, is setting up its office in Liverpool and is starting recruitment and tender processes for a number of services. With work on the airport site expected to begin next year, the Australian government and WSA Co are forging ahead to deliver the airport.

The Prime Minister and I recently launched new modelling showing that Western Sydney Airport will deliver thousands more jobs than previously estimated. A significant number of jobs will result from flow-on effects, and during construction every direct job will support a further 2.5 indirect jobs further down the supply chain, resulting in 11,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the construction phase.

New modelling shows that Western Sydney Airport will support tens of thousands of jobs in Western Sydney. Not only will it bring direct jobs on the airport site, but the flow-on effect will support even more indirect jobs within the community.

During construction, the flow-on effect from a single direct job will create an extra 1.6 jobs to help deliver raw materials and provide support services to workers on the construction site. A further 0.9 jobs would be created when workers on site spend money in the surrounding areas.

By 2031 - just five years after the airport opens - Western Sydney Airport will support around 28,000 direct and indirect full-time jobs both inside the airport and in surrounding areas.