New adaptive lighting options are now available on all XPower wheel loaders from Liebherr.

Liebherr’s new adaptive lighting allows the operator a comfortable ascent into the cab.

The adaptive working light is an intelligent light control system which reacts intuitively to the mast position and the articulation angle of the wheel loader using modern LED light sensors. As a result, the working area is always uniformly illuminated. 

With the Liebherr remote key access, the machine operator can open the cab at the push of a button and activate the lighting.

These options increase safety and increase the illumination, especially at dusk, at night, underground or in poor light conditions. 

The additional LED spotlight on the front car optimises the light conditions when the equipment is lifted.

The Liebherr key with remote control opens the driver's door at the push of a button and activates the lighting in the cabin. The entire area is safely illuminated and allows the operator a comfortable ascent into the cab.

Poor lighting conditions onsite present difficult challenges for the machine operator when working with a wheel loader. The new adaptive working light increases safety and comfort, especially during underground operations, at dusk or at night. By means of intelligent lighting control, the adaptive working light enables a homogeneous illumination of the entire working area.

For the brightness of conventional lighting systems, the machine operator must make a compromise. At full light output, the light is reflected on steel parts or on the side of a truck, which leads to glare. When the light output is reduced, the viewing conditions deteriorate. The adaptive working light solves this problem. With the help of sensors, the light output automatically adjusts itself to the position of the mast and the working equipment as well as to the bend angle of the wheel loader. As a result, the machine operator has significantly more light output when the blade is lowered. At the same time the headlights dimmed when the working equipment is lifted. Glare on steel parts or shadows on the side of the vehicle are reduced to a minimum.

In the case of adaptive working lights, an additional LED headlamp on the front of the cab optimises the light conditions when the equipment is equipped. The result is an ideally illuminated working area. Loads for the machine operator through glare, reflection and shadows are reduced. In addition, adaptive working lights provide four dimmable working lights at the upper edge of the cabin (LED or halogen) and two standard headlamps (LED or halogen) for good lighting conditions and a high degree of safety.

The high-performance LED work lamps are available on request. Compared to conventional headlights, they provide higher light output with lower energy consumption. In addition, they offer a longer service life, which increases the productivity of the wheel loader.