Master Builders Australia has this week launched a bespoke mentoring program designed to support women in NSW's building and construction industry.

The Advancing Women in Building and Construction initiative is currently being roll-out across NSW and will support both women who are currently working in the sector and those who are on training pathways to career in the industry.

"We want to encourage more women to work in the industry and to access training pathways to careers in the industry. A big part of that is about supporting them in their choice. We also need to ensure that the industry is prepared and willing to accept them," Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn said.

"Recruiting men and women who are achievers in the industry and encouraging them to mentor women looking to do the same is an important step to retaining more women in the industry.

Brian Seidler, executive director of the Master Builders Association NSW said the state's builders support the program.

"There is still a way to go, but some of the state's leading builders are seeing the benefits of getting more women on board," he said.

The mentoring program is part of the positive approach that Master Builders is taking to boosting the numbers of women in the industry. Research shows that while women are attracted to careers in the industry, they often drop out during training or fail to go on and work in the industry even when their training is completed.

"Advancing Women in Building and Construction, and the mentoring program in particular will work to counter this trend by spurring industry leaders to support women starting out in building and construction so they are more resilient and able to realise their full potential," Wawn said.

"That's why Advancing Women in Building and Construction is a win for the industry. Firms employing women testify to the benefits they deliver to the businesses bottom line and productivity will be boosted by bringing new skills and approaches to the workforce."

Mentors will be drawn from experienced industry practitioners with a current supervisory role or own their own business. Mentees will be women with up to five years' experience working in the industry part or full time, completing an apprenticeship or in a pre-employment program.