Palfinger has introduced two new digital tools - the Smart Box diagnostic tool and Smart Eye augmented reality glasses - to make it easier for service technicians to search for faults on access platforms and speed up repairs should the worst happen.

The Smart Box and Smart Eye are two new tools from Palfinger was developed specifically to facilitate the work of service partners and technicians, and shows just how proactively the company is exploiting the opportunities offered by digitalisation when it comes to innovation. 

The tools help to diagnose faults more quickly and support all possible repairs, thereby they minimise access platform downtimes and help customers and service partners to save time and money. 

According to Palfinger's head of service international Helge Kost, digitalisation is opening up new opportunities for the sector.

"These innovative tools will make troubleshooting easier, and thanks to Smart Eye, service technicians can directly involve Palfinger's specialists in the repair process," Kost said.

"These new digital assistants minimise diagnostic and repair times."

Palfinger developed the Smart Box diagnostic tool in-house with the aim of speeding troubleshooting, and the new tool combines experiences from the company's development and service activities, as well as customer feedback. 

The Smart Box is easy to connect to access platform components, locates faults quickly and in a targeted manner, and the cause of a fault can be found at the touch of a button.

"An access platform is fitted with up to 80 sensors, and up to now, technicians had to perform inspections with new sensors, which is very time-consuming," Kost said.

"A range of parameters such as CAN bus sensors - which can be configured, analogue sensors, and resistances can be checked and parameterised with ease. 

"The Smart Box has a large display and guided operating system, and the size and weight of the box are also well thought out - the Smart Box can be carried as hand luggage in its robust transport case."

Once a fault has been located, it then needs to be rectified, which is where the Smart Eye comes in.

As a pair of glasses with a built-in 16-megapixel camera, it is a very useful tool in the process of rectifying identified issues. 

All a service technician has to do is put on the glasses, which connects with a product specialist for access platforms from Palfinger, and the specialist can immediately see on the display exactly what the service technician can see, no matter how far away they may be.

The specialist can then support work on the access platform and provide assistance in real time. 

Kost says that the main advantage is that the service technician no longer has to leave the access platform to telephone a colleague.

"Instead, the necessary advice and instructions are received directly via the augmented reality glasses fitted with headphones and a microphone," Kost said.

"The help provided by the specialist means the technician no longer has to go through the laborious task if sifting through documentation and instructions.

"In particular, this support speeds up difficult repair and service jobs, or those that are performed only rarely." 

Both the Smart Box and Smart Eye are suitable for all Palfinger access platforms, ensuring targeted and more efficient service work.

Both digital tools are available to purchase from Palfinger either individually or as a package.