Tokyo-based manufacturer Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd has launched its 650TLX, a 65-tonne lifting capacity telescopic crawler crane for the global market.

Hitachi Sumitomo’s new 650TLX telescopic crawler crane. (Source: HSC)

The machine has been designed to suite a broad range of work sites and its key features include:

  • High rigidity 4-section telescopic boom: the high threshold strength of the quadrilateral cross-section and new design ensure high strength and rigidity with a lightweight boom. The 4-section telescopic boom is designed specifically for foundation work and is capable of the toughest jobs as well as delicate operations.
  • Powerful hydraulic system/3rd winch with free-fall (optional): the 650TLX includes a powerful hydraulic system to cater to varying types of foundation work and construction requirements, and it is compatible with high-load attachments such as augers and vibro-equipment. A third winch with free-fall mechanism is capable of various types of applications.
  • Superb transportability and assembly system: The machine has been designed with great transportability and assembly system to meet a diverse range of transportation requirements. A self-assembly system for crawler/counter weight/boom is available as an option.
  • Wide range of safety features: a warning alarm, auto-drum lock and a range of other reputable functions have been included. Safety has been covered in almost every conceivable way, with the use of a swing restriction unit and mode select switch [crane/drilling]. The large display panel includes all required information at a glance in a functional yet easy-to-view layout.
  • Remote sensing system: a remote sensing system is installed as standard for the machine's preventive maintenance. Checking machine conditions and taking care of preventive maintenance and management help to perform deliberated maintenance and ensure to improve machine's operating ratio.