Drone solution company Identified Technologies, recently announced the rollout of its change detection technology.

Drone technology from Identified Technologies

This technology compares surfaces of flights from one week to the next and visually highlights if the surface has changed. Blue represents Cut (taking away of material) and Red represents Fill (adding of material). The deeper the coloration, the more change has taken place. Areas of no coloration are indicative of no change. By using this kind of technology, one can make a determination about progress with a single glance. Identified Technologies' software allows companies to compare not only one flight to the next, but also versus any other flight previously flown.  

Change detection can also have a host of implications for specific industries such as mining, energy, and landfills. Mining professionals use this technology for fleet management and activity tracking. In the energy sector, pipeline managers need to monitor their pipeline Right of Ways for obstructions such as fallen trees or third party construction. With change detection they can easily identify these obstructions and quickly remove them. In the landfill industry, change detection provides a visual representation of where there is capacity to put additional material. This proves very useful as companies can avoid overfilling the landfill, which leads to fines, and underfilling which results in unnecessary costs. 

Dick Zhang, chief executive officer of Identified Technologies said: "If a client's project is straying from the plan, they want to know immediately how to minimise wasted time and resources. Identified works hard to turn data into actionable intelligence to help our clients stay on track, win more business and increase job site efficiency."