The state member for Mt Isa, Robbie Katter hailed last years state budget a win for rural Queensland and the Mount Isa electorate.

Flickr cc: Theo van der Meulan

But in a statement released this week, the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has warned that any attempts to block the budget would block jobs in rural Queensland.

"Our strong focus on the regional Queensland - in terms of our capital works program, service delivery and our $1 billion investment in dedicated regional job and infrastructure programs - will be reinforced in the next State Budget."

According to Katter, the allocation of money for key infrastructure projects was aimed at helping create jobs and stimulate the economy for the bush. 

"The KAP's continued push for the delivery of industry enabling projects has seen a swing to allocate money where it is needed most," said Katter at the time.

 "We've scored some significant wins for the Mount Isa electorate in the 2016-17 budget."

Katter said the funding commitment of almost $20 million to seal the Hann Highway was a significant win.

"Finally, we will see some action on this nation-building piece of critical infrastructure," said Katter.

"The benefits of the Hann Highway are well-known, mainly by taking traffic off the Bruce Highway, along with the eight hours shortened travel time for Far North Queensland producers to get to the markets in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide." 

"In the last budget we were thrilled with the $40m Western Roads Package and there's been an extension to that in 2016-17 with almost $30 million in road projects for Western Queensland," said Katter.

"There is also $10 million over three years to boost roads to tourist and culturally significant sites, and I'm confident this will include funding for the 11km stretch of unsealed road to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs at Winton. These key infrastructure projects are on top of the $25 million to upgrade the Mount Isa to Townsville Rail Line."

The next QLD state budget will be handed down in June.