The new Genesis GXT 2555R is the first of its kind and a game changer in the demolition industry.

According to Liberty Industrial, it has a cutting force of more than 3000 metric ton, the custom made GXT 2555R attachment mechanically shears large heavy steel structures with ease and is capable of cutting through a 48 inch steel I-beam in a single bite.

Weighing in at more than 31 metric ton the shear is perfectly paired with Liberty Industrial's giant Liebherr R994, bringing the combination to a gross weight of more than 260 metric ton. The shear itself is 7.85 metres in length and 2.9 metres tall. It has a jaw opening of 1.4 metres and a depth of 1.4 metres.

Liberty Industrial director Clinton Dick says: "The GXT 2555R is perfect for heavy industrial demolition projects like the demolition of oil refineries, power stations and mining infrastructure.

"This technology will make the demolition environment a safer and more efficient workplace. The recently refurbished 994 and the new GXT2555R is the most formidable demolition rig anywhere on the planet. In the few weeks we have seen it in action, the results have been eye watering," said Dick.