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Victoria invests $35M into digital twin project

Buildings approvals for housing in Victoria have declined in November according to new data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Victorian Government aims to transform planning and unlock efficiencies on infrastructure projects through $35.2 million digital twin.

Digital twins bring data and information together to create digital representations of the real world.

Planners, engineers, and builders will be able to use Digital Twin Victoria to model different project scenarios, test the feasibility of proposals, troubleshoot potential issues, and share complex information across sectors and workplaces more easily.

The funding follows the appointment of CSIRO as the Government’s partner to develop the online platform which will host Victoria’s digital twin.

Digital Twin Victoria builds on a successful pilot project that created a digital twin for Australia’s largest urban renewal project, Fishermans Bend.

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“Digital Twin Victoria will catapult Victoria into its digital future, driving efficiencies in planning and construction to supercharge the State’s long-term growth and continued economic recovery,” Planning Minister Richard Wynne said.

“Once this platform is established, real-time data can be collected at an astonishing rate and absorbed into the Digital Twin to support informed planning decisions and share important information with communities.”

“With the convergence of big data and advanced technology, Digital Twin Victoria will enable us to do in minutes and days things that used to take weeks, months and even years.”

The platform is expected to be widely accessible by late 2021.

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