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Tiny Suveyor robot rolled out for Shire of Esperance

The Shire of Esperance is constantly on the look out for new technology and solutions that can make life easier for the surveyors working on the shire’s roads network.

The shire’s road network is the largest in Western Australia, with more than 4000 kilometres of road to manage. To reduce the mundane tasks for surveyors working on the creation and maintenance roads, Paul Farmilo, Technical Officer – Fleet implemented the Tiny Surveyor line marking robots from Position Partners

Why the Tiny Surveyor?

Farmilo was initially drawn to the Tiny Surveyor line marking robot because he was looking for new ideas and technology that could assist in making the surveyors jobs less mundane with the large volume of road marking they were expected to do across the Shire of Esperance.

“If we could take that mundane part out of the process we could make it a lot more efficient for the surveyors,” Farmilo said.

“Now they basically do a digital map and send a package of the file to the Tiny Surveyor. You can send one guy out with the line marking robot and just set the road out, just let it go. It’s efficient, it’s more accurate and takes out all the time consuming, tedious bits at the start.”

The autonomous nature of the Tiny Surveyor was attractive to Farmilo along with the ability to get his surveyors off the road.

“It’s good technology, it’s new technology and it’s shown savings, so it was worth having a trial and worth the investment,” Farmilo said.

“Not only that, but everyone embraced it straight away, which was unusual.”

Tiny Surveyor increases efficiency and safety for surveyors

Since implementing the Tiny Surveyor, Farmilo has found improved accuracy, increased efficiency and safety for the surveyors have been the main benefits.

“Generally, accuracy is improved and the efficiency has definitely been improved because you’re taking off all that walking with tape measures and two people,” Farmilo said.

“It’s also improved safety as well because you don’t have people walking on the roads. If anything is going to get hit by traffic it’s the robot and not a person.”

Service and support essential to purchasing decisions

Farmilo noted that the support and training offered by a technology provider was an essential part of his decision-making process.

“We’ve had the team at Position Partners out to the training and after that sesstion the team were ready to run with it,” Farmilo said.

He found that the team at Position Partners offers him solutions that will work best for his project and specific application.

“What I really like is that they recommend what will work for our project, not just what they want to make the sale. They have great follow-up too and make sure we have all the support we need,” Farmilo said.

“It’s doing exactly what we wanted and we’re having no negatives from it. All the surveyors are really happy with it.”

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