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Revu for reviews: Arup goes digital for project delivery

Arup implemented Bluebeam Revu, the project efficiency and collaboration solution, to improve project communication and streamline processes.

Arup is comprised of more than 14,000 specialists, working across 90-plus disciplines in more than 34 countries. In the global territory “Australasia,” Arup features a diverse group of practitioners across a wide variety of skill sets and professions across 12 offices, who serve projects all around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“Arup’s first project in Sydney was the Sydney Opera House, which brought us to Australia in the first place,” explains Arup Senior Technician Ben Taylor. Beyond being globally recognised for its design and structural aesthetics, the project exemplifies Arup’s commitment to digital design as it was one of the first ever projects that was modeled using computers for the sail structures.

“Pioneering the use of modeling software that a lot of other companies wouldn’t have tried on projects like that because they’re too risky, or they’re seen as not profitable enough, is what we pride ourselves on; being able to do what others can’t.”

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In seeking to ensure quality deliverables to their clients, Arup found issues in the quality and accuracy of drawings and the consistency of manual document markups for design review.

The lack of standard markups within manual review processes kept stakeholders occupied with document management as opposed to adding value to projects by focusing on design and execution. Review timeframes were also bloated due to the reliance on email for the heavy project collaboration, as some projects involved stakeholders working in remote offices across the globe.

Arup implemented Bluebeam Revu, the project efficiency and collaboration solution trusted by over 1.9 million AEC professionals worldwide, to improve project communication and streamline processes. By utilising PDF, Revu enables a common data environment for owners, architects, engineers and contractors to easily share jobsite information downstream, including 3D models and images.

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