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Procore announced preconstruction and platform developments

Procore Technologies will enhance its platforms to provide additional flexibility and deeper insights for project teams.

Procore Technologies will enhance its platforms to provide additional flexibility and deeper insights for project teams.

The company will use a new reports builder to provide cross-platform insights and deliver a new global workflow engine to improve the efficiency of estimating and bidding processes.

Procore Founder and CEO Tooey Courtemanche said the company has been working to connect everyone in construction on a global platform for almost 20 years.

“We’re extending the value of our platform through investments in our preconstruction solution, a new global workflow engine, and a new report builder – to deliver further cross-platform insights for customers,” Courtemanche said.

Procore acquired construction estimating software Esticom in 2020. Esticom’s functionality is now fully integrated into the Procore platform as Procore Estimating. This provides tools for digital takeoff, estimating, building bid proposals – and is connected with workflows to the project budget, change management, and purchase order process.

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Smart Charge America Vice President David Laderberg said all of the other estimating solutions it looked at were antiquated solutions that offered little to no flexibility.

“Estimating in the cloud with Procore Estimating, other than the immediate benefits of accessibility from anywhere, has proven to us that Procore is a forward-thinking company that is looking to bring estimating into the 21st century,” he said.

Procore Estimating users will be able to automatically extract quantification data from plans to increase the speed and accuracy of estimating.

Enhancements to Procore’s integrated bidding solution, available in the first quarter of 2022, aims to improve flexibility and efficiency of the bidding process for customers. Custom Bid Forms allow customers to capture the exact data points needed in each bid, and Bid Leveling allows customers to compare bids quickly and easily across an entire project, scope of work, or specific line item.

The new Global Workflow Engine will allow customers to build custom approval workflows across the platform with predefined conditions, coupled with notifications and permissions. In the fourth quarter of 2021, this new functionality will be in beta as part of Procore Project Financials, allowing customers to streamline the invoice and payments process by building approval workflows with conditional dollar thresholds.

“Our global workflow engine will help customers create bespoke business processes for any part of construction – from estimating to RFIs and invoice management. This allows Procore to meet customers where they are at,” said Wyatt Jenkins, SVP of Product at Procore.

Procore’s new report builder also aims to provide valuable insights with cross-platform reporting and interactive dashboards. Users will be able to compare data from both active and inactive projects to benchmark performance, drill down into specific details, and keep the entire project team informed with scheduled report distribution.

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