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Fredon team saves up to 16 hours a day on WestConnex project

Fredon team saves up to 16 hours a day on WestConnex project

Engineering, installation and maintenance solutions provider Fredon, whose project teams are working on Stage 3B of WestConnex, has realised more efficient and agile operations with new document control capabilities gained from its recent integration of Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Spending less time looking for documents and gaining visibility and efficiency, the mobile app for Autodesk Build encouraged Fredon’s project teams to explore the capabilities of other solutions, including Autodesk Assemble. One result of using the platform is that the team of 16 saves up to one hour per day being able to search for information quickly using Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Stewart Clark, Project Director, Fredon Infrastructure said during the tendering process for WestConnex, Fredon worked with the client over 12 weeks to rationalise the designs and develop more efficient ways of working. “The mobile app for Autodesk Build helped us to innovate some brilliant things, and we came up with 50 innovations for the project,” said Mr Clark. “These plus points convinced the client to select Fredon.”

Fredon’s plan to transform digitally involved doing away with paper-filled work packs and giving its 180-strong project team more control, manageability, and visibility over 14,000 field drawings. As these drawings are compressed and easily searchable on the cloud, team members could work confidently, knowing they had the most up-to-date documents at their fingertips.

“Previously, if our site supervisor had an issue in the field, he would have to go back to the office and access our site survey project server, where all the documents were,” said Mr Clark. “Our Stage 3B team can access any updated drawing the client provides us onsite today.”

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years and this is the best thing I’ve seen yet.”

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Sumit Oberoi, APAC Industry Strategist at Autodesk, said Fredon staff used to spend up to an hour searching and sorting dozens of package numbers and codes across different drawers and folders on their onsite server. “With mobile access, they can now accomplish this task in seconds,” says Mr Oberoi.

“Saving up to one hour per day for four engineers, 11 site supervisors, and the document controller across the entire project duration can result in administrative cost savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and a better chance of meeting project deadlines.”

A recent joint report by Autodesk and Deloitte, The State of Digital Adoption in Construction Report 2023, surveyed 229 construction and engineering executives across Australia, Japan and Singapore’s architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector about how digital adoption affects them and what their outlook is in the face of such uncertain times.

The survey showed nearly nine in ten AEC businesses are investing in new technologies, and businesses with higher levels of digital adoption are more optimistic about the future and more likely to have international operations.

Additionally, 61 per cent of AEC businesses see using new technology to deliver projects as a key source of growth. Nearly two in five businesses are using building information modelling (BIM) and cloud management software, while over a quarter of businesses are expecting to implement these technologies in the future.

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