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Craigieburn Road Upgrade team invests in next-gen surveying robot

Craigieburn Road Upgrade team invests in next-gen surveying robot

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) and construction partner Fulton Hogan have invested in a new high-tech robot for the Craigieburn Road Upgrade.

Designed to make the job of surveyor’s line marking the road easier and safer, the robot is equipped with advanced GPS and automation technology to deliver precise, reliable measurements faster than traditional methods and can autonomously paint extremely precise points, with accuracy of between one and three centimetres.

Major Road Projects Victoria Senior Project Manager Dimuth Gammampila said the new state-of-the-art three-wheeler has quickly become an important tool for the Craigieburn Road Upgrade and will help the project team get the job done safer and sooner.

“Our surveyors are able to be so much more efficient with this newer and technologically advanced robot, as part of our investment to give our team the resources they need to work safely in all areas of construction,” said Gammampila.

The robot, dubbed the ‘TinySurveyor Terra’, will help the surveyors complete work safer without the strain of bending over to mark dots on the road next to live traffic. It will also allow the line marking of the road to be carried out more efficiently, saving the surveyors countless hours of manual work and minimising risks to human safety onsite.

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The robot – about the size of a domestic lawnmower – will ensure surveyors on the project continue to have the best equipment and the flexibility to respond to the evolving challenges of road construction.

The ‘TinySurveyor Terra’ – a medium, fast and compact robot – has been completing surveying activities on the Craigieburn Road Upgrade in around a fifth of the time that it would normally take to do the job on foot.

This has helped keep surveyors out of the elements and away from live traffic. A major factor of its use is that the surveyor is more situationally aware and doesn’t need to constantly look down to the screen attached to the survey device.

The robot has been online since July with other similar type robots to hit the beat later this year on other road projects, including the nearby Sunbury Road Upgrade. It has been implemented as part of MRPV’s Craigieburn Road Upgrade and still requires the essential input of surveyors to ensure the robot’s safe and appropriate operations.

The Craigieburn Road Upgrade has progressed this year, with the construction of new intersections wrapping up at Hume Highway and Mickleham Road and works continuing on new westbound lanes.

Scheduled to be fully complete in 2025, the Craigieburn Road Upgrade will improve traffic flow and travel times, enhance connectivity across Craigieburn and make it easier for people to walk or cycle across the area.

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