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Autodesk announces new products for construction cloud

A new survey has found 26 per cent of owners, 24 per cent of subcontractors and 20 per cent of head contractors have adopted technology in response to COVID-19.

Autodesk has announced a new set of products for Autodesk Construction Cloud that further connect data, workflows and teams throughout the entire building lifecycle, from design to operations.

Built on a unified platform and common data environment, the new products – Autodesk Build, Autodesk Quantify and Autodesk BIM Collaborate – empower general contractors, specialty trades, designers and owners to drive better business outcomes.

Construction teams will have a comprehensive construction management platform with all data in one central location to simplify collaboration, proactively anticipate project changes and provide data-driven guidance for organisational improvement.

The three new product offerings announced today include:

  • Autodesk Build: Unites the best of PlanGrid and BIM 360 with additional new functionality to create a comprehensive field and project management solution. Autodesk Build also includes the PlanGrid Build mobile app with additional new capabilities, for field workers.
  • Autodesk Quantify: Empowers estimators to automate 2D and 3D quantification from a single comprehensive platform.
  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate: Enables project teams to align and execute on design intent by managing the entire design collaboration and coordination workflow from a single solution to reduce rework, improve productivity, and accelerate project delivery.

As part of the unified Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, every new product is reinforced by:​

  • Autodesk Docs – underpins the common data environment for every unified product with centralised document management, providing users with seamless navigation and integrated workflows to create a single source of truth across the project lifecycle.​
  • Insights – delivers analytics from the data collected and analysed, as well as the ability to export that data; encompasses Construction IQ artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate risk.
  • Administration – provides centralised user management and permissioning, templates and other tools for project setup, and a single authentication method for any unified product.

Autodesk Construction Solutions Vice President and General Manager Jim Lynch said the new products we announced today represents a huge milestone for connected construction, with Autodesk Build providing an entirely new approach to project management.

“Almost a year ago we introduced Autodesk Construction Cloud, sharing our vision for the most powerful and complete portfolio of construction management products,” Lynch said.

“We’re continuing to deliver on our promise of helping builders across the world catalyse their digital transformation and make construction more predictable, safe and sustainable.”

Herrero Builders Project Manager Amy Kozlowski said the continuous and fluid flow of data is the backbone of the teams’ success.

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“Autodesk Construction Cloud delivers a unified platform where data and information are centralised. We can immediately get new design details into the hands of preconstruction and construction teams, proactively make adjustments in the field and better understand the health of our project portfolio,” Kozlowski said.

“With Autodesk Build, we will be able to connect critical field and project management workflows, powering seamless collaboration across locations and devices. Just as importantly, the new products are intuitive and simple to use.

“Autodesk inherently understands the construction industry and provides technology that fuels success across the entire building lifecycle.”

Autodesk Construction Solutions Head of Product Development Sameer Merchant said construction is about building, not learning how to navigate complicated software.

“Technology should be easy-to-use and effortless to scale – if a construction company grows, its software should grow with it. In developing our new offerings, we incorporated the best-in-class features of existing Autodesk construction products into a common web and mobile framework and integrated them with a shared data platform,” Merchant said.

“As a result, the most loved capabilities will be immediately available within Autodesk Build, Autodesk Quantify and Autodesk BIM Collaborate.”

Autodesk’s new construction management products will be available in early 2021.

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