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Master Builders Australia reveals sustainability goals in new report

Master Builders Australia reveals sustainability goals in new report

National peak building and construction industry body Master Builders Australia has today released its Building and Construction Industry Sustainability Goals 2050 inaugural report.

Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn said the report outlines the association’s commitment to fostering a more robust and sustainable industry in the long term.

“By addressing critical issues affecting business performance, minimising risks, and maximising opportunities through an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework, we aim to shape a sustainable future for businesses, workers and communities,” she said. “As our population grows and environmental challenges intensify, adopting ESG-focused building and construction practices becomes paramount.”

“We must look beyond immediate concerns and make a dedicated, long-term effort to future-proof our industry and Australia’s built environment.

“Through evidence-based analysis, Master Builders will continue to advocate for changes that promote sustainable and profitable outcomes.”

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Ms Wawn said embedding these practices into industry business models can help generate more robust businesses, create more jobs, enhance the built environment and contribute to a stronger economy.

Through their operation – according to the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council – buildings are responsible for more than half of Australia’s electricity consumption and almost a quarter of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

“More sustainable building practices and a commitment to achieve a net-zero built environment is part of our goal to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment,” said Ms Wawn. “Our focus for social goals is for everyone in the industry to embed practices that ensure a safe and productive work environment for anyone wanting to work in the building and construction industry.”

“A profitable and sustainable building and construction industry requires all those along the supply chain to share risk, maximise certainty, and minimise volatility, while maintaining a positive impact on the community.

“We recognise that achieving these goals require a collaborative approach. Master Builders remains committed to developing policies, partnerships and strategies to future-proof the industry.”

Master Builders Australia’s Building and Construction Industry Sustainability Goals 2050 have been set to be achieved by 2050, with specific milestones set for 2030. Supporting these goals are three-year action plans, ensuring accountability and progress towards a sustainable future.

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