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Designs released for $171M Hove Level Crossing Removal Project

Downer EDI has been named the preferred proponent for the design and construction contracts for the $69 million Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal Project in Western Australia.

Four designs options are currently being considered for the $171 million Hove Level Crossing Removal Project, South Australia.

The design options being considered are:

  • Road over – Raise Brighton Road over the rail corridor
  • Road under – Lower Brighton Road under the rail corridor
  • Rail over – Raise the rail line over Brighton Road
  • Rail under – Lower the rail line under Brighton Road

To determine the best design options, a planning study for each option takes into consideration factors such impacts on residents and businesses, disruption to rail services and traffic, and heritage and environmental impacts.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard said the goal is to reduce the number of homes that will need to be acquired.

“Removing a road-rail crossing point not only reduces congestion but also improves safety for road and rail users,” Wingard said.

“This project has been on the cards for decades in our local community. We need to find a solution to improve safety, reduce noise and air pollution, improve travel times and stop back street rat running.”

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More than 34,700 vehicles pass through the level crossing on Brighton Road each day, with the boom gates down for approximately 20 per cent of the time during the combined morning and afternoon peak periods.

“Engagement with the community is an essential part of the process and we want to keep everyone well informed throughout the life of the project,” Wingard said.

“There will be a particular emphasis placed on creating quality open space with new cycling and walking paths because it’s clear from our engagement with the community that they want to see a design that provides the greatest opportunities to create new open spaces.

“Over the past few months we have been having conversations with the residents and stakeholders adjacent to the intersection and the rail corridor to provide them with a greater insight into the planning process and to gather initial feedback.”

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