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Demolition starts on Hotel Jen for Cross River Rail

Demolition is underway on the Hotel Jen Building on Roma Street, Brisbane, as works begin to make way for the new Cross River Rail station.

The 18-storey hotel was originally opened in August 1986, known at the time as the Brisbane Travelodge.

It was built as part of what was considered at the time the ‘state of the art’ Brisbane Transit Centre at Roma Street.

Cross River Rail Minister Kate Jones said this was the first of three buildings to be demolished on the site, in what is one of Brisbane’s largest ever demolition projects.

“It’s a historic day. We’re officially tearing down the old Hotel Jen,” she said.

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“Nothing says progress on a construction site like an 85-metre crane at work on a building completely engulfed in scaffolding.

“Today marks a huge milestone for Cross River Rail. This project is crucial to avoiding a bottleneck in the future.
The Cross River Rail project will allow for more trains to run more often across southeast Queensland.

The State Government expects that with Cross River Rail in place, an additional 47,000 people will choose rail instead of road by 2036.

Jones said the demolition of the three buildings would make way for the construction of one of the four new underground stations which form part of the Cross River Rail project.

“Floor by floor starting from the top and working their way down, the demolition crews have started to dismantle Hotel Jen with the East and West Towers of the Brisbane Transit Centre expected to start in March,” Jones said.

“This top-down demolition is just another step towards Brisbane’s first underground rail network.

“Construction of the new Roma Street station will create jobs for Queenslanders, and breathe new life into the area which has become underutilised and run down.”

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