Construction of Parramatta Light Rail to begin in 2019

The $2.4 billion Parramatta Light Rail project, which will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, is officially signed off, with construction set to begin in 2019, according to a report on ABC News.

Downer and CPB Contractors won the $840 million major contract to build the light rail system, while the Great River City Light Rail (GRCLR) consortium has been awarded the $536 million contract to supply and operate the network and build the depot, stops and power systems.

Andrew Constance, minister for transport and infrastructure, told ABC News the successful consortia had already shown a history of delivering successful light rail projects around the country.

“Between them, these teams have delivered the Newcastle, Canberra and Gold Coast stage two light rail networks that have transformed these cities for the better,” Constance said.

“The project would bring permanent new business to Parramatta, as GRCLR will operate its future base out of Camellia with a new workforce made up of locals.”

The GRCLR consortium includes Transdev, the operator of Sydney’s inner-west light rail, and CAF Rail Australia, the vehicle supplier for inner-west and Newcastle light rail networks.

The government’s contract stipulated that local workers must be employed, penalties would be applied if work was significantly delayed, and construction teams must work around evenings and other busy times.

The 45m vehicles will be fully accessible and carry up to 300 passengers each and will run on a ‘turn up and go’ service every 7.5 minutes during peak periods.

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