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Coates cements success with Boral

Coates cements success with Boral

Coates has supported the annual shutdowns of the Boral Berrima Cement Works facility for more than 27 years.

The facility plays a vital role in Australia’s cement production, producing a significant portion of cement products consumed in NSW and the ACT, as well as various construction materials used locally and internationally. To ensure optimal performance of the plant’s kiln, annual shutdowns are essential, necessitating safe, efficient, and cost-effective execution of maintenance works – and Coates has been there to support this important process year after year.

Jimmy Cergovski, Industrial Services Manager at Coates, shares valuable insights into his firsthand experiences of this successful, long-term relationship.

“My connection with the Boral Berrima Cement Works dates back to 1996 and over the years the partnership has grown and thrived,” says Cergovski. “What started with a few tool containers has now evolved into a comprehensive managed tool store solution, with SiteIQ, our proprietary site management system, enabling us to track, manage and optimise tools, equipment and consumables during a shutdown.”

“It also drives further efficiencies for our customers by reducing the cost and inconvenience of lost, damaged and stolen tools and allowing for more accurate budget forecasting, plus streamlining project invoicing and administration.”

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The collaboration and sense of camaraderie between Coates and the team at Boral Berrima Cement Works is evident with every project.

“Returning annually to assist with the shutdown is always a very satisfying reunion,” says Cergovski. “We’re well-respected based on what we do, which makes our partnership even better.”

Deep mutual respect and trust have been fostered through the consistent delivery of high-level service and an impeccable safety record. With zero recorded lost time injuries or medical treatment injuries for Coates personnel since 1998, this accomplishment is a significant achievement for both parties.

“What sets Coates apart from competitors is not just our deep industry expertise, but our willingness to always go the extra mile for our customers during these high-pressure projects,” says Cergovski.

“We give them our best every time and our team apply best practice principles to support the delivery of the shutdown, on time and on budget.”

Mick Davis, Asset Planning Superintendent at Boral Berrima Cement Works, emphasises the notable difference made by Coates’ unique approach.

“When we asked Coates to get hold of something quite urgently, they managed to get it onsite within a couple of hours,” says Davis. “When Boral runs out of something, our purchasing system can take time to source it, but Coates has the scope and willingness to quickly meet our needs.”

Coates is committed to excellence, managed tool store solutions powered by proprietary technology, and exceptional customer service to provide businesses with efficient and comprehensive shutdown services.

With a highly experienced team and a focus on building lasting relationships, Coates ensures seamless and efficient management of its customers’ shutdowns.

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