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Set your next project up for success with document control and communication management

While the era of paper-based processes underpinning construction, design and project management is becoming a distant memory, digital transformation across the industry is still noticeably protracted.

The transition from coffee-stained paper tornadoes towards a smartphone-compatible digital Nirvana is proving more challenging due to the myriad of disparate software on the market and the stickiness of old habits.

Working between the tornado and Nirvana, a contractor, developer or PM may find themselves hunting down the latest version of a regulated design that’s required for submission. The file has been found in the company’s database, there’s a printed version in a folder, it’s also saved in a colleague’s work email, and on a USB stick. Someone said it’s already been submitted – has it? Who submitted it and which file? All the files have the same name but are different versions… Which is the latest version? Who’s to know?

Avoid the avoidable

Lack of synchronisation and disconnected filing systems create inefficient data silos and reduce overall project visibility. Data silos increase the risk of document duplication, overwrites and multiple versions of the ‘truth’ leading to miscommunication, errors and the greatest sin of all – rework.

A study of over 19,000 rework events that occurred across 346 construction projects found that contractor’s average yearly profit reduced by 28 per cent, and 0.45 per cent of the total rework events accounted for a staggering 34 per cent of the total costs that were incurred for the project overall

A document control and document management system that ensures all information is categorised, organised, approved, up-to-date and easily accessible to stakeholders will help avoid rework, reduce costs and deliver a greater ROI to the business at both an organisation and project level.

In an industry that requires the coordination of multiple stakeholders who all rely on the same files for the construction of multi-million dollar projects, a centralised document control and document management system will allow a project team to establish clear organisation rules that govern elements like: workflows, filing systems, notifications, review processes, role based sharing and access permissions for all users.

Simpel Essentials – drilling down on document control and communication management

Real-time synchronisation and centralised storage of documents in the cloud helps prevent duplication, overwrites and multiple versions which in turn reduces the risk of errors and time spent in administration. It also establishes trust in documents as being the ‘source of truth’, and forms the foundation upon which everyone can depend upon to find project documentation.

Role based security and permissions

Manage project security and protect your documents by assigning permissions only to those who need it. Rather than assigning permissions on a document to document basis, security can be ‘role’ OR ‘project’ based. Role based security and permissions enables the central project team to maintain consistent controls, governance and visibility over access, revisions, approvals and delivery of documents, drawings and information from one project to the next.

Establish standardised document handling practises to streamline operations

Locking in an agreed document management framework increases consistency by removing guesswork and personal opinions as to how a document should be named, stored, handled or shared. Simpel’s document management and control system helps your team to lay down the rules governing how all documents will be managed both internally and by invited users.

Document audit trail

Simpel’s system creates a time-stamped chain of custody which provides project teams with clear, top-down visibility over who has viewed, edited, uploaded or accessed documents at any time in the project. This audit trail also tracks the evolution of a document through version management, ensuring the current version is identified as such, but previous versions are also retained in case they are required at a later date.

Real-time access to documents in the cloud, anytime, anywhere

Using Simpel’s centralised repository of documents ensures files are accessible and visible by everyone in the project team at any time. This increases day to day accountability and eliminates a host of delays associated with stakeholders not having access to the latest work order, drawing, RFI or schedule they need to complete the work.

Utilise automation and workflows to increase productivity

Save your team time by setting up automatic notifications and tracking read receipts, revisions and updates. Increase efficiency and your team’s ability to execute ordinary tasks quickly while maintaining full transparency over the project’s documents.

Onsite communication of documentation using QR documents

Simpel’s innovative QR document functionality closes the information gap between the office and workers onsite by providing frictionless access to essential documents for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. A quick scan of a QR code opens up linked documents, enabling quick access to the latest schedules or drawings without the need to be logged in. Linked QR documents can be updated from the office, saving visits to the site and ensuring everyone on the team has access to the most recent document version when they’re on the job.

To learn more about how Simpel can help you get this side of your business sorted once and for all, call 1300  85 85 80 or visit the Simpel Essentials module page to read more about our functionality.

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