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Procore releases quality assurance dashboard

The building and construction sector is undergoing a seismic transformation. Traditional ways of managing projects and measuring quality outcomes are changing fast. Businesses that leverage technology will keep pace with the new opportunities – and the new legislation.

Quality assurance in construction in 2022 is very different compared to a decade ago. Defects that impact the delivery, safety and liveability of buildings in New South Wales (NSW) have made headlines. Historically, the industry has self-managed and resolved defects. Now, government regulators have stepped in to establish new legislation. The new Design & Building Practitioners Act focuses on quality construction compliance outcomes across five building elements:

  1. Fire Safety Systems
  2. Waterproofing Systems
  3. Structural
  4. External Cladding
  5. Building Services

“Builders are racing to be compliant. There is a rush to implement procedures so Occupation Certificates can be received upon the project completion. But you won’t find the proof for quality assurance on paper,” Procore Solutions Engineer Majd Elmashharawi said.

Procore believes the only way forward is with a digital roadmap and the new Quality Essentials and Analytics dashboard.

Quality Essentials is a set of prebuilt inspections covering five building elements under the DBP Act. These feed into an analytics dashboard to measure compliance, areas for improvement, as well as quality insights.

“We can now identify quality problems early,” Elmashharawi said. “For example, bad workmanship, or failure to comply with the BCA and NCC standards. This can reduce defects, minimise delays in obtaining an Occupation Certificate, and help the bottom line.”

Quality Essentials provides regulatory support, data and workflows needed to support site audits. The need for a transparent digital solution has proven necessary in NSW following the implementation of the Act. Now, the latest appointment of Queensland’s Commissioner for the QBCC hints at a need for the industry to comply nationwide.

“The Procore Quality Essentials and Analytics dashboard is a game-changer. Builders and developers can track, measure and improve quality outcomes across all of their projects,” Elmashharawi said.

The dashboard reflects Procore’s deep understanding of the importance of quality assurance. This dashboard is accessible by everyone – from the executive team to the site engineers.

Every tool built by Procore is built with the industry in mind. This latest innovation addresses the restoration of public trust in the NSW building industry and beyond. The Quality Essentials and Analytics dashboard documents the project’s quality journey. Project stakeholders can access it in real time on mobile and web.

“This solution provides transparency and consistency to drive measurable outcomes. We worked with early adopters and industry partners to make sure it is easy to implement and use, delivering results quickly,” Elmashharawi said.

Procore Quality Essentials and Analytics Dashboard is delivered by the Procore Professional Services team. You and your teams can be enabled in a matter of days.

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