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Procore launches Action Plans

Australia could become a leader in using Artificial intelligence (AI) to design and build better cities, towns and infrastructure, according to a roadmap developed by CSIRO.

Procore Technologies has launched Action Plans, a new feature which integrates compliance into the course of construction for customers both globally and in Australia.

Action Plans allow teams to create plan templates and bring protocols, reference documentation, records, and communication together in one place for all stakeholders to access on the Procore platform.

A 2020 industry poll from Procore found that more than half (52 per cent) of Australian construction companies feel they need to do a better job of leveraging mobile technology for on-site quality assurance processes. According to the survey, improvements are needed across the quality assurance spectrum, with two thirds (67 per cent) of respondents finding all aspects challenging – from setting protocols, creating forms, and training; to on-site processes, collecting and integrating data from disparate sources, analysis, and reporting.

Action Plans help support construction companies to delivering projects while mitigating risk. Templates can help teams comply with the ISO 9000 suite of quality standards, without the hassle of disconnected formal documentation. Action Plans provides an environment for managing safety protocols and Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), with configurable templates that can be optimised and passed down from project to project. With clearly defined plans all in one place, teams can easily collaborate and take action to achieve a higher quality build and instill consumer confidence.

“Action Plans allows the user to easily link all related items and information to a single source of truth,” Martinus Quality Manager Martin Davis said.

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“The biggest benefit for us is that the ITP acts as a cover sheet when using Action Plans – it includes signatures, supporting documentation, inspections, photos, test results and much more. Once you have everything attached you need, you can link to the ITP and export it, which makes the handover process seamless. It’s an incredibly efficient system which has saved us lots of time and energy.”

Procore Technologies Vice President APAC Tom Karemacher said there is a sense of urgency in the Australian market to improve the quality of construction projects, and elevate the industry’s reputation after several high-profile misadventures.

“Construction managers are coming to Procore for solutions that help them mitigate project risk and elevate consumer confidence. Action Plans has been designed to solve significant industry challenges by bringing quality and efficiency together in one place, enabling teams to collaborate on clearly defined plans,” he said.

Action Plans was launched in its beta phase in December 2020 with the second highest representation of testers from Australia and New Zealand, following the United States of America.

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