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Using LobbyTrac by Pitney Bowes ensures compliance and increases safety and security by answering two simple questions.

Using LobbyTrac by Pitney Bowes ensures compliance and increases safety and security by answering two simple questions.

For construction businesses it’s important to know the answer to two simple questions: Who is on your site right now and are they authorised to be there?

As much as this seems like an easy question, this isn’t always the case. At any given time, you’re likely to have a mix of employees, contractors and visitors on site.

Since the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 was introduced, organisations are required to keep track of all people on their premises, including the purpose of the visit and their contact details. This means every business must have a mechanism for signing in and tracking visitors and contractors. A simple paper-based registration can’t enable businesses to gather sufficient information about their visitors and contractors and ensure they have completed the appropriate health and safety induction. A digital visitor and contractor management solution can offer a non-disruptive solution that enhances operations.

The latest digital contractor management solutions have become more like induction and risk management systems letting businesses run their sites more effectively and securely. These systems offer online inductions so that contractors can fill out information ahead of time and they just need to be verified upon arrival. Induction information can be customised based on individual site requirements while creating a central process that can easily be rolled out across one or multiple sites to keep up with the changing number of employees, contractors and visitors.

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A contractor management system easily checks people in when they arrive and accurately and efficiently monitors their movements while on site. In case of an emergency, all this information can be accessed from offsite, letting emergency services check to ensure all visitors, contractors and staff have been accounted for.

Here are some of the advantages of using a digital visitor and contractor registration system:

  • You can customise access badges with specific information or identifiers to improve site security.
  • A barcode sign in makes it easy for staff, contractors and visitors to register. In addition, pre-registration removes bottlenecks with pre-printed labels ready to go.
  • You can upload documents to create profiles for contractors to easily manage their access and information about their projects according to this profile.
  • It will alert managers if a contractor doesn’t have the right permissions to be on site, or their permissions have expired.
  • It lets you generate real-time reports in case of emergency, including contact and emergency details.
  • You can create an online customised induction and safety overview.
  • It lets you manage and maintain company assets, so you know what has been signed out to staff or contractors. This ranges from access cards to technology equipment and even pool cars.

By taking advantage of the latest contractor registration system technology, businesses can improve their site security, safety and efficiency, while saving money and presenting a professional, forward-thinking public face.

LobbyTrac by Pitney Bowes can help you simplify this process and securely manage contractors and visitors on your premises. To learn how LobbyTrac can fit in to your business, call 132263 or visit https://www.pitneybowes.com/au/shipping-and-mailing/lobbytrac.html

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