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New truck mounted cranes from West-Trans and HMF [Sponsored Content]

A new high-performance truck mounted crane is set to be released later this year by West-Trans Equipment and HMF Australia.

The HMF RCS crane will be launched in Australia at the Brisbane Truck Show in May and will set a benchmark in terms of quality, technology and precision in vehicle mounted cranes. Launch cranes are currently in production in Denmark and will be displayed for the first time at the show.

With a twin power link design and radio remote package, the traditional red and black coloured cranes will be familiar for long term HMF Buyers.

What makes the RCS crane stand out is hidden beneath the surface. The new range uses super high-grade steel, which allows it to be built from thinner, yet stronger material. This provides greater lifting capacity and a lower tare weight.

Based on a recent study, West-Trans Equipment identified that for a comparable performance crane to the market leading brand, in the 25TM rating category, the HMF crane is over 300 kilograms lighter.

“While having an extra 300-kilogram payload for free is good, if you had to pay to cart 300 kilograms for a year, it would cost around $27,000 per truck (based on 60,000km per annum, day truck local freight rates),” said Andrew McKinna, West-Trans national sales and marketing manager,

“When you consider a truck and crane will have around a nominal 10-year working life, that adds up to a lot of money.”

The new crane range operate high-precision valves, tied to their tested radio control systems. All of the HMF RCS cranes have smooth, finely adjustable movements, controlling heavy loads at long reaches with remarkable accuracy. They will also operate at higher hydraulic pressures, taking the compact, lightweight yet high performance ethos of the HMF brand even further.

HMF originated in is Aarhus, Denmark, where it has been building truck mounted cranes since the 1950s. HMF Cranes have been available in Australia for more than 20 years with a range of cranes between 2.5TM up to 95TM, leading the market with materials, electronics and manufacturing technology.

The new models will be designated as the 1620K, 1920K, 2320K and 2820K cranes. Broadly this means 16TM, 19TM, 23TM and 28TM rating, the ’20’ designating two power links. The power links connect to the primary cylinder between the column and boom and between the boom and jib.

The links are an established feature of HMF’s high-performance crane design, and improve the linear movements and controllability of the crane when working close to the column. All will be available in a range of jib extension configurations, with reaches on the primary jib up to 21.5 metres on the 2820K8, and the option of fly jibs for even greater reach.

All HMF RCS cranes are available with the HMF patented Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system. This system dynamically adjusts the cranes working capacity according to the stability of the truck. That means that the crane has a greater working capacity with a full payload on the vehicle, because EVS recognises the payload as ballast, giving the vehicle more stability and adjusting the cranes lifting performance automatically. For example, an empty truck might have a lifting capacity of one-tonne at 10M. The same truck with a full load, might have a lift capacity of one-tonne at 12-14M.

Cranes are tested during development, with more than 100,000 full capacity test lifts without failure as a requirement before being released to market. Robotic welding delivers high-quality welds and the unique EQC corrosion resistant surface coatings helps protect investments for their entire working lives.

Cranes can be ordered now and will be available for delivery by mid 2019.

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