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KITO PWB: Manufacturing lifting equipment for 95 years [Sponsored Content]

KITO PWB is a proud Australian manufacturer who have been in business since 1923, now 95 years strong. Despite Australian manufacturing taking some significant hits in recent years, KITO PWB is 100 per cent committed to being a strong and relevant producer of quality Australian made products, both now and well into the future.

With the full backing of our owners, KITO Group Japan, KITO PWB has a steely resolve to continue as a significant supplier of hoists, chains and fittings in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets. Our strength is built around the ongoing support of our valued customer base, whose commitment to an Australian manufacturer is invaluable.

KITO PWB’s broad range of chains is manufactured to stringent Australian Standards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 approved Quality Management System.

KITO PWB are also key members of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and Lifting Equipment Engineers New Zealand (LEENZ ).

KITO PWB is a significant provider of lifting chains, associated fittings, and both manual and powered hoists to the Australian lifting, mining, construction, manufacturing, materials handling, marine and aquaculture industries.

The KITO PWB Grade 80 Herc Alloy lifting chain has been a market leader for well over 50 years. The KITO PWB mining suspension, lashing and transport chains have also been popular for many decades. 

As the only remaining chain manufacturer in Australia, KITO PWB’s 95 years of manufacturing experience enables us to provide product of consistently high quality to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets.

KITO PWB has been distributing the KITO range of manual and electric hoists throughout Australia since 1986, and the relationship has only grown stronger since KITO’s acquisition of PWB in 2016.

KITO has been a manufacturer of hoists since 1932. Their passion for engineering excellence sees their ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 accredited manufacturing facility in Yamanashi, Japan produce and distribute the market leading single and dual speed 3-phase ER2 and EQ electric chain hoists and motorised beam trolleys.

These hoists are suitable for a wide range of lifting applications, with capacities ranging from 250 kilograms to 20 tonnes. KITO’s passion for engineering excellence sees these ER2 and EQ series hoists as world’s best, with many thousands having being sold in Australia since their introduction.

KITO PWB also have a strong relationship with Yoke, a world leader in the manufacture and supply of lifting points, hooks and chain fittings since 1985. KITO PWB have been the exclusive distributor of Yoke products in Australia since 2010. Yoke also manufacture under ISO9001:2008 accreditation in their Taiwanese facility and have also been approved by shipping societies ABS and DNV.

The introduction of Yoke’s Yellow Point Series of swivel, eye, anchor, hoist and weld-on lifting points has provided a significant boost to safety and reliability in all aspects of lifting.

Through KITO PWB, these long standing companies have provided quality products and solutions for a broad range of lifting applications throughout the Australasian market. So whenever you require consistently reliable quality products for all of your lifting challenges, turn to KITO PWB, the name in lifting.

KITO PWB’s range of lifting products is available through our valued network of approved distributors. For details please contact KITO PWB on 1300 792 262 or www.pwbanchor.com.au

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