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WES3 is a completely wireless safety system designed specifically for the construction industry by UK based Ramtech technologies.

WES3 is a completely wireless safety system designed specifically for the construction industry by UK based Ramtech technologies.

WES systems are used by seven out of the top 10 leading UK construction firms, with over 60,000 WES units deployed across Europe since 2014.

Boasting several key market leading features, WES3 stands out from the rest with its self-installation capability, EN-54 certification, no mains power requirement, certified 3-year battery life and ease of use.

Not only will WES3 mitigate risk by helping to keep workers and assets safe, it will also significantly reduce cost, and greatly assist with meeting project schedules. For those looking for a practical, proven and cost-effective site safety system, WES3 could be what you have been waiting for.

When it comes to safety and practicality, WES3 ticks all-of the boxes and will exceed what most health and safety and risk managers would expect from a site safety system.

WES3 scales to current site requirements, is suitable for all types of construction projects and can be deployed as soon as the build is out of the ground.

The system is made up of 3 unique unit types, which can be deployed at any stage, in any combination and in unlimited quantities. The Base Station is the hub of the network and is used to add or remove units, manage alerts, run silent test and access system reports.  Base Stations are normally deployed in the first aid office and the site office and are usually managed by site supervisors and first aid officers.

The second unit type are call points, which have two primary functions. Call points are deployed around site and provide workers the ability to call in for first aid or raise a site wide evacuation in the event of a fire or emergency.  The secondary function of the call points is to act as the alarm system for the site as each call point has a built in 95-decibel siren and strobe.

Finally, you have the fire detection units, heat and smoke detectors are normally deployed during the fit-out stage of a project and are ideal for refurb projects as well as high risk or unmanned areas of a site. Once armed they provide your site with a round the clock fire detection.

WES3 units are ruggedised, compact and weatherproof, so they are designed for all kinds of construction environments.

Connectivity is key, it’s no good having a wireless system that is constantly losing signal or not transmitting critical alerts when seconds count.

The inherit design of the WES3 system ensures connectivity even in the most complex of construction environments. WES3 connects via its own independent MESH network, this means if one point goes down due to something like a flat battery, the system will still operate around that point.

The network itself is independent, secure and operates at a frequency that best propagates through concrete and around steel.  Finally, the system regularly self-checks and will alert users to specific points with an issue such as low battery, low signal or even if a point as been removed from a wall.  When the system sends an alert, it pulses the alert 8 times a second until it’s acknowledged by the system.

Gencom are a communication specialist with over 35 years’ experience and are a Platinum Motorola Solutions Channel Partner. We are both ISO9001 & AS4801 accredited as well as being a proud Gold member of the FPA.  Gencom have been appointed the Australian distributor for the WES range of products and services.

To learn more about the WES3 system or organise an obligation free demonstration visit us here.

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