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InEight intergates Microsoft Dynamics 365

Australia could become a leader in using Artificial intelligence (AI) to design and build better cities, towns and infrastructure, according to a roadmap developed by CSIRO.

Construction project management software developer InEight will integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help businesses improve and standardise insights and information flow between the office and the field.

The integration aims to unifiy the data experience to provide businesses with improved transparency and alignment, providing a single source of truth to enhance ease of user access, collaboration and security across Microsoft and InEight applications.

Customers can now connect data and processes across systems to reduce errors, omissions and redundancies while improving the outcomes of complex long-term projects.

InEight Managing Director for EMEA Mike Paul said connectivity is key

“While the physical world is still seeing borders and restrictions on freedom of movement, the trend in the data world is the opposite,” Paul said.

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“Through this integration with Microsoft Dynamics, InEight is creating interconnected workplaces to enhance collaboration and project outcomes in capital construction.

“It’s an important and timely step towards our goal of digitalising construction project management.”

Veidekke Entreprenør CFO Pål Christian Hustoft, a joint customer of Microsoft and InEight and one of Scandinavia’s largest construction companies, said the business wants a unified approach to the digital transformation.

“We believe InEight’s Construction 365 solution will meet our business needs as a fully integrated digital transformation platform, providing us the transparency and control throughout our business. We expect the ongoing implementation will confirm our beliefs, making it possible for us with a greater ability to create great projects for our clients with our desired profitability and on schedule,” Hustoft said.

Microsoft Norway Industry Executive, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Petter Merok said complex construction projects involve huge amounts of variables and many different cross-practice and company personnel.

“This powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with InEight empowers teams with unified, real-time data across all processes to make smarter decisions that drive business progress,” Merok said.

“We are proud to be playing a role in supporting productivity and performance improvements in the construction industry, at a time when it has perhaps never been more important.”

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