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How to use data for decision making in construction

Using data to drive decision making within the design and construction industry is not a new concept. However, the tools and abilities to find and mine intricate data have increased, thanks to the industry’s digital transformation.

“Everyone is capturing data in some way,” said Turner Construction engineer Katie Wood. “Even if you think you aren’t, you are, because even keeping a notebook means that you are capturing data. But maybe you should consider using digital tools, because going digital will allow you to build automated insights.”

Digital tools like the ones found in Bluebeam Revu and Studio allow project stakeholders to make customisable markups for design review, RFIs and submittals, with comments streaming in live collaborative sessions. Often, these markups can yield valuable insights for project teams with real-time interactions.

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“You might be capturing this data in Bluebeam Revu, but are you building insights by metricising that data?” asked Wood. “The purpose of creating these markups is to clarify information. However, we don’t help ourselves, our trade partners or our client if we’re not successfully sharing that PDF markup information that’s teaching us how we build.  The challenge here is to find a way to share not only information, but also insight with our trade partners and clients.”

When it comes to capturing data from the jobsite, Wood encourages a different approach that requires thinking outside of the box and taking initiative to find new ways of sharing important project information. What used to be logged as logistical comments, coordination communications and review markups can now be monitored in different ways to be even more helpful.

By taking deeper dives into these project comments, logistics scenarios and workflows within the digital space, firms can create data that can lead to better collaborative decision making. The real-time aspect of digital collaboration within Bluebeam Studio also ensures that the data is relevant during capture and can be used by all project partners to drive efficiency and cohesion.

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