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How Lendlease gained real-time site progress on their 3D model with Matrak

Lendlease were tasked with building Wesley Place, an A-grade commercial tower that boasted 22 storeys and was located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

Lendlease were tasked with building Wesley Place, an A-grade commercial tower that boasted 22 storeys and was located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

A $350 million commercial tower project, Lendlease was using a 3D BIM model to track the progress of facade installation. 

While an innovative approach and synonymous with Lendlease’s unique approach to construction, it created challenges including disconnected data from companies involved in the supply chain to potential risks caused by lack of visibility of products.

For Lendlease, the biggest challenge was that the 3D BIM model simply did not provide enough information and real-time updates on the overall project status. This created a general lack of transparency across all touchpoints and between sub-contractors.

As a result, Lendlease required a single source of truth to track the project’s status as it progressed.

Cue in Matrak, a materials tracking platform that connects global supply chains, improves material visibility and drives team efficiencies for those working in construction. SRG Global, the facade supplier for this project, recommended Matrak as a solution to Lendlease’s challenges.

Having worked with Matrak on previous projects, SRG Global knew how simple and straightforward it was to update granular material status on the Matrak platform. As panels were being installed, the SRG site team and installers from Complex Facades simply updated the status in real-time through the Matrak mobile app.

To obtain the real-time data, Matrak created a seamless API integration that fed this valuable information from the supply chain to the 3D model that Lendlease was using. The results included (but were not limited to):

  • Total transparency across the supply chain, reducing risks like unforeseen delays
  • Enabled better communication between all stakeholders
  • Ensured Wesley Place would be completed on time

Construction manager, Tom Stainforth, said that the API integration made it much easier to see project status quickly and efficiently. 

“It’s easy for SRG to use the Matrak platform to update statuses of each panel as they are installed, which in turn makes it even easier for us to see a 3D visual of the project status in our BIM model,” Stainforth said.

Meanwhile, construction manager Paul McConnoochie said, “The use of Matrak is key for us to report back to the developer, as well as increase the transparency that exists with our facade supplier – SRG. It just makes the project run more smoothly across the supply chain.”

With the help of Matrak, Lendlease is now able to analyse valuable data being fed from the global supply chain, all the way through to the BIM model, in partnership with their BIM tooling providers.

At present, Lendlease has used Matrak to track approximately 4200 materials and counting.

To read the case study and learn about Matrak’s benefits to the Wesley Place project by Lendlease, you can download the resource here. You can also book a free demo with Matrak here.

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