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HMF 610 Plate Clearance [Sponsored Content]

West-Trans Equipment is offering for a limited time, a 5% discount off the list price off selected HMF 610 truck mounted cranes.

West-Trans Equipment is over stocked in the popular 610K range of cranes, and is offering attractive deals to move them. With variants in both manual and radio control specification, and with either two or three jib extensions, these are the entry level crane in the middle market, ideal for large service trucks, council work trucks and general delivery vehicles. With a lift/reach capacity 790 kilograms/7.1M (K2) and 575 kilograms/8.9M (K3) these are the hardest working, most flexible crane on the market. Suitable for smaller GVM trucks, with single drive axle set up, they install more easily, and require only basic training, and no crane operator’s licence to operate safely and within the law.

Despite their moderate size, they carry all of the hallmarks of HMF, ‘power to lift’ quality.  All feature the HMF 2CYBEL system which automatically selects the operating program according to the leg configuration the operator chooses. Whether the operator simply selects legs down, for small or close lifts, or out and down, for heavier lifts or a longer reach, the crane recognises the set up configuration, and chooses the correct program. The “2” in 2CYBEL means that the crane recognises both stabiliser sets separately (two sides of the vehicle), and will select the program according to the side the jib is on, and the position of the leg on that side. This makes the crane inherently safe to use, while providing the greatest level of flexibility in use. If the operator inadvertently slews a load into the other hemisphere without the stabiliser places safely, the crane will automatically de-rate, and prevent the load from moving into the unstable area.

All HMF cranes over 1TM rating operate the HMF RCL safety control system, guaranteeing safe operator use. They also have the patented HMF EQC corrosion resistant coating process, making the crane ideal for the harshest of conditions. Optimised for the salted roads of northern Europe, they comfortably handle the Australian climate in all of its extremes for its entire working life.

HMF Cranes employ technology in their manufacturing, materials and electronics, and what really seals the deal with all HMF Cranes, is their incredible lift to weight ratio. HMF employ light weight high tensile steel in the construction of their cranes, resulting in a 610K2 weighing only 850 kilograms including stabilisers. Of course you’ll need a sub-frame, and West-Trans will design and build the right one for your vehicle.

With the ever increasing service costs of an ageing crane, and need for re-certification at 10 years, many customers choose to fit a new crane to their existing truck or upgrade both at the same time, rather than have the expense of re-certification, and the service costs of an old crane, when a new crane comes with a warranty, all new parts and the latest technology.

If cost is a critical factor, and the expected working life of the crane is expected to be more intermittent, several are available with manual controls. However if duty cycles are high, or, as many building sites now demand, radio control operation is available. HMF radio controls are tried and tested, and give the operator a completely intuitive experience. It is normal that an experienced operator will barely look at the controls, and be able to focus exclusively on the load and its safe placement.  Radio control also makes it a lot easier and safer for a one man operation, where the crane operator can stand clear of the load, in an ideal vantage point, and guide the load to its desired location.

Cranes are available for immediate delivery. Talk to West-Trans Equipment today on 1300 877 411, or visit the web site at www.west-trans.com.au for more details or to find your nearest HMF Dealer.

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