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Hale Corp builds a strong growth roadmap and new efficiencies

Hale Corp, a custom builder, needed to streamline its construction and financial software to capture new efficiencies, productivity, and economies of scale.

The business used multiple software systems to manage contracts, financials and its subcontractor workforce. This created siloed systems, with no visibility and even less control over its projects and profit margin.

The company was forced to hire additional staff to manage the administration and invoicing process.

Hale Corp CFO Jade Collins said Procore resolved multiple challenges for the company.

“Its core project management layers add value throughout a build’s life–it’s effortless to track time extensions, variations, and financial impacts,” Collins said.

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“Procore manages project management and financials very well, and it’s a very valuable tool for Hale Corp.”

The company now relies on Procore Project Management, Project Financials, Invoice Management, Quality & Safety and Bid Management – integrating with FileBound and Xero (an automated document management system).

“Procore has made a significant improvement to our business,” Collins said. “With a straightforward implementation, new workflows and documentation mean we no longer need to expand our administration support every time we start a new project.”

Procore’s integration with FileBound delivered an immediate and unexpected productivity boost. FileBound’s integrated Procore Invoice Capture Solution streamlined the Accounts Payable process for Hale Corp and gave them time back by automating time-consuming manual data entry.

“FileBound adds automatic invoice scanning into the workflow process, which means we never even have to enter the invoice into Procore to process it. FileBound and Procore in tandem reduce our labour requirements and create new economies of scale,” Collins said.

With some substantial projects starting, Hale Corp opted to implement Procore to meet new financial year timelines. It switched to Procore from its previous system on the first day of the new financial year. Procore Project Management was phased into its site teams to encourage usability and optimum take-up rates.

“We have been systematic about locking down document control and drawings into Procore for our subcontractors since day one. We are rolling out added functionality over time, so they aren’t bombarded with too much change. The great thing about Procore is they can email us from their existing email program, and we can capture all of that communication in Procore,” Collins said.

“Before implementing Procore and FileBound, it took outsourced data entry staff three days a week to enter invoices. Now it only takes one day a week––giving us tighter approval processes and are more compliant.”

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