Designed for simplicity, built for reliability

Smart technologies are a part of nearly every aspect of our lives. Smart buildings of the future rely on smart people flow – the elevator has become more than merely a way to travel between floors.

Enter the next generation in elevator technology – the KONE Digital Experience (DX) Class. Promising a new era of digitally enabled people flow that improves safety, convenience and sustainability, the DX revolutionises vertical transportation, and ensures a building is flexible and future-ready.

The KONE Essentials range is now fully DX (Connected) and makes life easier in more ways than one. With built-in connectivity, functions such as KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services are easily enabled to undertake cloud-connected predictive maintenance. Cloud based predictive maintenance ensures continuous monitoring of performance and risk analysis of lifts, meaning potential faults can be identified long before they become a problem, reducing service disruptions, downtime, and costs for major repairs.

Jessica Richter from KONE says, “Connectivity is why customers are choosing KONE. When an elevator is working, no one is walking around going, ‘Great! This is working!’ but once it goes out of service it becomes a catastrophe. With KONE 24/7 Connected Services, all this is minimised. By making elevators significantly more reliable and safer, predictive maintenance is a real game-changer.”

24/7 Connected Services provides full transparency, so building managers know exactly how equipment is performing in real time, with automatic issue reporting saving time and keeping you up to date.

KONE’s portfolio includes a range of elevators for all types of applications, including elevators that are designed for simplicity and built for reliability. Looking into the future, all KONE elevators now come digitally connected as standard.

Jessica Richter says, “We understand the needs of builders and have co-created a range of elevators that help meet their specific needs. If you’re building a low-rise residential building, planning an aged care facility or outfitting an upcoming school – our Essentials DX range is specifically engineered to meet the demands of users, offering an optimised and affordable solution with faster turnaround.”

For more complex projects with specific requirements, KONE has a team of engineers who help builders navigate the complexities of people flow on a project, to make sure buildings are purpose designed and future proof.

The best in its class for eco-efficiency, the DX class opens up a whole range of possibilities that come with a connected lift, via APIs.

Jessica Richter says, “The building ecosystem is growing all the time, bringing new smart solutions for everything from accessibility and parking, to entertainment and security, all of which can be easily integrated into the DX connected elevator.”

The KONE DX connects more than just floors, meaning it’s out with the old and in with the smart.

To learn more about KONE’s range of DX connected elevators, visit KONE.COM.AU

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