Demag’s modular rope hoist offers many options

Demag’s revolutionary Modular Rope Hoist offers many options for its operator, such as five different sizes with load capacities of up to 50 tonnes, a choice of motors, a foot mounted hoist, low-headroom travelling hoist, double-rail crab or a standard-headroom travelling hoist, as well as a smart SafeControl system, conventional contactor control or provided by the customer.

For the first time, a rope hoist can be built either in a C-design or co-axial design utilising one basic technology. This wide range of possible DMR applications can also be extended, thanks to smart interfaces and corresponding fittings and accessories.

“Flexibility and productivity, as well as its long service life and cost-effective operation are key characteristics of our DMR,” said Richard Roughly, senior manager sales & marketing of Demag Cranes.

“Consequently, the impressive modular rope hoist concept also offers sophisticated technical details.”

The coupling between the motor, which weighs much less than previous models, and the gearbox absorbs sudden motor forces for a longer rope hoist service life.

The DMR gearbox requires 30 per cent less oil and provides for long maintenance intervals, thanks to its efficient oil lubrication. Its enclosed design also offers protection against external factors.

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