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Construction Control saves over 2500 hours on single project with Simpel

Construction company, Construction Control, implemented a range of Simpel’s project and construction management modules across its projects and have been able to realise efficiencies amounting to over 2500 hours on its project at 6 Brindabella Circuit at Brindabella Business Park - Canberra Airport Precinct alone.

Construction company, Construction Control, implemented a range of Simpel’s project and construction management modules across its projects and have been able to realise efficiencies amounting to over 2500 hours on its project at 6 Brindabella Circuit at Brindabella Business Park – Canberra Airport Precinct alone.

Construction Control is a construction and project management firm operating in the ACT, NSW and QLD. It has delivered projects for Australia’s top ranked educational institutions, Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, high profile commercial developers and some of Australia’s largest retail centres including Castle Towers and Westpoint.

Before Simpel

Prior to using Simpel, Construction Control were using a mix of paper-based forms and documents, excel spreadsheets, email, and word documents to keep track of its projects. As its projects grew in size and number, it identified the need for greater visibility and consistency to enhance productivity and reduce administration. Too much time was being spent archiving, tracking down files for audits and staying on top of areas like worker and plant inductions and certification.

Adopting Simpel

The need to centralise documents and communications, and to streamline and automate safety and overall operations became more pressing once the team hit the ceiling on its productivity. HSEQ manager at Construction Control, Donovan de Ligt said, “We didn’t feel like we were on top of the projects the way we wanted to be and when we realised this, it was time for a change. Once we saw what Simpel could do for our business, the decision to roll out its modules across the organisation was an easy one.”

Construction Control brought Simpel software in to help them manage construction operations across $500m of its major projects. It implemented a range of module packages including: Simple Essentials, HSE Management, Site Access and Bookings.

“Using Simpel’s unified platform to manage every project provides Construction Control’s head office with complete organisational oversight, where the status of every project can be viewed from one centralised system,” de Ligt said.

“The team can review and analyse data, extract project and organisational insights, and identify and mitigate project risks before they occur. As all documents, plans and forms are shared through the platform, it also becomes the project’s single source of truth for all users who have received permission to view the files.”

PROJECT: 6 Brindabella Circuit at Brindabella Business Park – Canberra Airport precinct:

The broad and successful uptake of Simpel’s platform by the whole team at Construction Control, as well as contractors and subcontractors is evident in its usage.

While the project is ongoing, here are some of its stats at the time of publishing:

  • 1261 worker inductions
  • 155 plant inductions
  • 118 safety plans/SWMS
  • 394 bookings
  • 4978 documents
  • 915 forms
  • 325 RFIs
  • 65 tenders
  • 76 workflows

Measurable time-savings for SWMS and inductions

Construction Control’s project at 6 Brindabella Circuit – Canberra Airport Precinct was the first of its projects which utilised Simpel’s SWMS/safety plan management and the Site Safety module. With over 1,200 workers and 150+ plant items onsite, the impact of this module alone resulted in significant labour efficiencies across the project.

By digitising and automating components of the SWMS and inductions processes for both plant and worker, the project resulted in the following time savings:

  • 1 hour per SWMS review
  • 4 hours for the company HSEQ reviews across the whole project
  • 1 hour per worker induction
  • 1 hour per plant permit

de Ligt said, “The time we saved using the SWMS/safety plans module allowed Construction Control’s safety team to save and re-allocate over 2,400 hours of time towards high-risk work observation and risk mitigation activities that would otherwise have been used for administrative processes.”

This amounted to over 2,500 hours saved across the whole project.

It also saved over 150 hours on plant inductions and reported that the safety module streamlined its federal safety audits, making it easier for the team and the auditor to compile and review documentation.

de Ligt said he and his team benefited from having more available time after introducing Simpel, “With less paperwork and elimination of manual processing of SWMS and inductions, the team was able to get out on site much more often to work with subcontractors and improve safety outcomes for the project. Together with my team, this helped us lower incidents and we saw documented improvements in safety across all our construction sites.”

Saving time on tower crane erections

On this project, both Construction Control and RAR Cranes reported that the process of erecting the tower cranes became faster and safer due to Simpel’s SWMS/Safety Plan module.

As Construction Control had implemented a number of Simpel’s modules across its project, the erection of the tower crane became more streamlined. The end-to-end implementation meant that SWMS/safety plan management could be easily integrated with worker inductions, license management, plant induction, risk assessment, safety inspections and eForms checklists, the consultations process and site access. This resulted in at least 10-15 hours of time saved for the tower crane erection.

de Ligt reflected on the cumulative effect of implementing Simpel, “The time we’ve saved by introducing Simpel across the entire business and all projects amounts to over 15,000 hours saved per year across project teams and subcontractors.”

We’ve already seen improvements in our productivity and efficiency, and we can all see how continued integration with Simpel software will propel us to further growth in the future.”

Industry Recognition

Given the positive impact on safety outcomes at the 6 Brindabella construction project, Construction Control and Simpel co-entered the 2021 MBA Excellence awards hosted by Master Builders ACT.

Master Builders ACT agreed the improvements in safety and outcomes were significant and awarded Construction Control and Simpel the 2021 award for WH&S Targeted Risk Management System.

Donovan said, “While the benefits and outcomes we gained from implementing Simpel across the business has been rewarding, receiving this industry recognition was a proud achievement. It was very exciting news for all involved with this fantastic project at the Canberra Airport Precinct. Sharing the win with Simpel is a clear demonstration of our excellent working relationship and passion to continually improve our industry.”

To learn more about how Simpel can help save your company thousands of hours in admin or to schedule a demo, call 1300  85 85 80 or visit its website.

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