Caterpillar rental generator sets redesigned for construction

Cat Rental Power’s mobile generator set product line has been completely redesigned and expanded for the construction industry, with improved transport flexibility.

Cat Rental Power’s mobile generator set product line has been completely redesigned and expanded for the construction industry, with improved transport flexibility.

The latest edition is the Cat XQP1100 rental generator set, a 50/60 Hz switchable unit rated for prime operation at 1100 kVA. It joins a wide range of products including the XQE20, XQP30, XQP60, XQP100, XQP150, XQP275, XQP300, XQP500 and XQP1100. Models are offered as either European Union (EU) certified or Low Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) for reduced environmental impact.

In developed markets, keeping pace with the latest non-road mobile emissions regulations like EU Stage III and Stage V, along with Tier 4 Final standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), requires an ongoing effort. EU Stage V is a significant change in cost and complexity, effectively bypassing the intermediate regulations, EU Stages IIIb and IV, in one step.

Mobile generator sets above 56 bKW will need SCR systems (such as Ad Blue) and all units will need a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), changing servicing and operating procedures. To lessen the cost and disruption for construction rental customers, Caterpillar is currently providing EU Stage III transition generator sets for the European market as new EU Stage V generator sets are being developed.

Construction customers will also benefit from Caterpillar’s transparent regeneration strategy, which includes a DPF to reduce emissions. Generator sets in construction applications often have low load factors or use oversized equipment because the site’s load profile is often changing. During low load operation, a DPF will accumulate particulate matter, resulting in increased back pressure and impacting the engine’s performance until the particles are removed from the DPF through a process known as regeneration.

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While many competitors add the extra cost, weight and complexity of a load bank to increase exhaust temperatures during regeneration, Caterpillar’s solution takes an alternative approach –handling the regeneration processes internally with intelligent measurement of DPF soot level and on-package thermal management. The high-speed system works without any interaction from the operator or downtime. This allows all Cat XQ rental generator sets fitted with DPF systems the flexibility to be used in any application and environment.

Caterpillar has completely redesigned the mobile generator set range with specific features to make them better suited for the rigours of the construction rental market. Improving transport flexibility was a key requirement, with all units now equipped with drag bars, curved ends on the base frame end, single point lifts and fork lift pockets.

“Certain smart design changes won’t be readily noticeable until the operator is connecting the generator set at the jobsite,” said Josh Eggert, Caterpillar rental power manager.

“We’ve curved the cable access plate so the cables are automatically directed upwards when inserted, added a cable tie-down plate and made the customer connection more robust, isolating them from the breaker terminals so the connections can better withstand the repeated connecting and disconnecting as the unit is moved around the jobsite.”

Enclosures have been redesigned to reduce the footprint of the package. Service access has been improved with an increased number of doors. Door frames have been arched and chamfered door edges prevent water pooling and add rigidity.

Cat Connect has also been integrated into the new XQP mobile generator set line, combining equipment, technology and services to build customer success. Cat Connect allows dealers and customers to remotely monitor generator set performance, status and alarms through an easy-to-use interface. Cat Connect data, such as run hours and fuel consumption, can be used to improve fleet management and better manage maintenance intervals to help control costs, improve performance and reduce risk.

For more information on Cat Rental Power solutions, visit www.cat.com/rentalpower.

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