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Bodley Construction removes software silos with Procore

New Zealand civil construction company Bodley Construction has implemented a suite of Procore’s safety tools following a competitive market review.

New Zealand civil construction company Bodley Construction has implemented a suite of Procore’s safety tools following a competitive market review.

Before Procore, Bodley Construction designed its own document management system, complete with tailored workflows for nine different third-party software programs. Project management involved manual spreadsheet calculations and cross-referencing data from printed documentation.

Mistakes were found in spreadsheets, and the lack of transparency and ability to link data for budgets, costs and project updates led to a high level of frustration, both on-site and in the office. That’s when Bodley Construction realised it was time to streamline all the siloed software programs into one transparent, collaborative central platform.

Having reviewed Procore some years earlier, Doug Bodley kept a close eye on the company. After another competitive market review for Procore against other solutions Bodley said he realised Procore’s “game-changing safety tools were the only way to go.”

Bodley Construction relies on Procore Project Management, Project Financials, Invoice Management, Procore Analytics and Correspondence Management tool to deliver a dynamic construction management platform. The Procore app marketplace solutions, SignOnSite, Xero with OneCore integrations and ResponseVault also add value for the team.

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“Procore has given us the rigour and structure we didn’t have previously,” Bodley said.

“We need this to collect data and benchmark our performance and financial position in real time. Things like Field Productivity are a revelation. Now we can drill down into the hard data and make faster and better decisions.”

Bodley said having hard data to back up its operations has paid off in multiple areas, particularly around safety, stopping incidents straight away.

“Once we had the safety incident data, Procore Analytics let us drill down into the day, time and type of incidents we were experiencing. We educated everyone in our Toolbox talks that Wednesday, post-smoko was the danger period for trips and sprains. Once our guys knew when and what to watch for, the incidents stopped immediately. They were amazed that we could benchmark job safety in so much detail,” he said.

Bodley believes the long-term impact of Procore will be in its ability to deliver business reassurance and support the company when it needs to correct issues that challenge productivity outcomes.

“We now have one central platform to track RFIs, the correspondence between head office, our sites and our suppliers. As we can track our budgets and costs in our financials and then integrate those numbers into Xero, we can easily build our bottom-line numbers. Before, these were two different languages that we couldn’t get to speak to each other,” he said.

Bodley Construction learnt how valuable this was during the recent COVID-19 shutdown.

“We clearly understood the financial impact COVID-19 was having, and it wasn’t based on gut feel. We were able to keep on top of our costs, and we realised the business was in better shape than we were expecting. Procore is giving us the ability to be more resilient, be more confident and make better decisions,” Bodley said.

Bodley Construction is also currently integrating ResponseVault into the Procore platform to support the administration of its extensive plant and machinery supplies.

“We plan to track equipment and push that data into Procore automatically. This will save us considerable administration time in the field, keep our asset and equipment register up to date and support our focus on safety compliance.”

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