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Autodesk expands access to generative design with restructured pricing

Autodesk has been developing generative design – the artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps designers achieve better outcomes more quickly–for well over five years now. In that time, the company has come to see generative design as a lynchpin to a more sustainable, efficient and innovative manufacturing future.

Autodesk aims to make the technology available to the broadest possible number of engineers and designers. The company believes that when designers are at liberty to be creative, while computers work as their partners doing the mundane computing that computers are built for, remarkable results can be achieved.

Customers can now subscribe to Fusion 360’s Generative Design Extension for AUD2250 per year. This subscription permits customers to run unlimited generative studies and access every design outcome for the duration of their subscription. For customers who prefer per-project pricing, Autodesk offers a similar option.

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In the years since it first released the tool, the business has created efficiencies in the software, optimised in the cloud, and, thanks to input from the community, learned about how its customers use the tool.

Generative design has helped accelerate both futuristic and practical projects by our customers, ranging from Airbus’s Bionic Partition to Hyundai’s Elevate walking car, and including SRAM’s lighter, stiffer bicycle parts.

Experience and insight put Autodesk in a position to dramatically increase access to the technology and invite a much broader swath of its users to see what is possible with generative design. Giving design teams of any size and budget an opportunity to explore it has been the company’s vision since inception, as it believe it will be good for everyone.

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