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Victorian Building Authority appoints Principal Structural Engineer

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has appointed Dr Baher Zaghlool to the position of Principal Structural Engineer.

Zaghlool will work with the Office of the State Building Surveyor to expand and enhance its structural engineering expertise, assist with responding to industry needs and implement future industry reforms.

As Principal Structural Engineer, Zaghlool will also advise the VBA on best practice in managing risk and provide a technical approach to regulation to improve outcomes in the construction industry.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia and Chartered Engineering Executive of Engineers Australia. He recently worked as Meinhardt Group’s State Structural Discipline leader in NSW as a director of the large national and international engineering company.

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Zaghlool completed his PhD in structures and earthquake engineering at the University of Canterbury in 2007, researching the topic, “Behaviour of three-dimensional concrete structures under concurrent orthogonal seismic excitations.”

Victoria’s State Building Surveyor Andrew Cialini said the appointment will enhance the profile of structural engineering amongst the state’s builders, building surveyors and other practitioners.

“Structural engineers play a crucial role in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and as building technologies and practices continue to evolve, their expertise is highly sought after and valued,” Cialini said.

“Their work requires a detailed and intricate knowledge of how structures are built, information which the entire construction industry relies on when building safely.

“Dr Zaghlool’s knowledge and experience as a structural engineer will enhance the work the VBA does in ensuring building compliance in Victoria.”

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