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Victoria supplies modular housing for bushfire survivors

Vital infrastructure in bushfire affected communities such as roads, rail lines, bridges, schools, hospitals and communication facilities will be rebuilt with the help of $1 billion.

The Victorian Government will provide short term modular housing for families who lost their primary place of residence in the 2019-20 bushfires while they wait for a permanent rebuild.

An order has been placed with Victorian manufacturer Modular Spaces to provide homes between one and three bedrooms, with further discussions underway.

Housing will be delivered to the property of another location where agreed, in line with planning permit exemptions announced by the State Government.

Short term housing will be an option available for households identified as currently being in emergency accommodation or in private accommodation arrangements. They will be able to live in these homes for a period of up to three years while they progress their permanent rebuild.

The housing will be installed and built at no cost to the resident. Recipients of the housing will pay hiring fees benchmarked to public housing rates, with hardship arrangements put in place to ensure that fees do not exceed 25 per cent of a household’s total income.

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Victorians who lost their primary place of residence in the bushfires are also eligible for free clean-up and other grants.

Short-term modular housing is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments as part of the $86 million Community Recovery Package.

Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said the quality homes will be manufactured to withstand tough Victorian conditions and last the test of time while families progress their permanent rebuild.

“Thankfully, everyone who needed emergency accommodation after the fires was able to access it, and this solution is another way we can support families in need over the coming months and years of recovery,” she said.

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