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Victoria cracks down on dodgy solar installers

The Northern Territory Government and Sun Cable have signed the Project Development Agreement for the $22 billion Australia-ASEAN Power Link (AAPL).

The Victorian Government is increasing the number of solar safety inspectors to keep up with record demand and shine a light on any dodgy installers.

In addition, the State Government has launched a new training program to ensure the sector meets demand while keeping workers and houses safe.

Increasing the number of Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) is expected to reduce the time it takes get solar panels operating and boost the number of rebates flowing through the Solar Homes program.

Solar Homes Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the government is making sure that safety is at the heart of how solar businesses operate in Victoria.

“These inspectors will ensure that Victoria leads the country in the safety of solar systems,” she said.

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Solar Victoria has released a request for tender to develop the training modules, which aim to upskill electricians and provide a pathway for new LEIs.

In Victoria, an LEI must inspect all solar installations before they are first switched on.

“Licensed Electrical Inspectors are an important feature of our solar safety framework, and this training will lead to further improvements in safety and compliance,” CEO Solar Victoria Stan Krpan.

Solar Victoria, alongside the regulatory partner Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), will host a series of roundtable discussions with industry stakeholders to explore opportunities to attract new LEIs to the industry.

ESV will work on the development of this training, while working to increase the technical support for installers and LEIs to ensure that they can enforce the safety standards across Victoria.

“We are strengthening our support to LEIs to ensure they continue to deliver best practice safety outcomes,” Commissioner of Energy Safe Victoria Marnie Williams said.

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