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Queensland rolls out housing support for flood-affected communities

The South Australian Government has released details of its record $12.9 billion infrastructure funding package that is expected to create around 80,000 construction jobs.

The Queensland Government has moved to implement a range of measures to boost housing supply following the recent severe rainfall and flooding.

There are currently 1,035 people from 461 households that have already received emergency housing as a result of the severe weather event.

Communities and Housing Minister Leeanne Enoch said these efforts included establishing a $600,000 Rapid Response Fund to deliver enhanced housing and homelessness services in impacted areas.

“Flood waters are subsiding across the south-east but in the aftermath of such a significant disaster we know there are Queenslanders who need help to find safe and stable housing,” she said.

“We know there was unprecedented demand on Queensland’s housing market prior to this most recent flooding event.

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“Record interstate migration, rising house prices, very low vacancy rates, COVID-19 and severe weather has created a perfect storm.

“Every Queenslander deserves a roof over their head, and I have been looking at all available options to assist people who might require short-term accommodation and longer-term housing.”

Enoch said there were several options being considered to increase housing supply, particularly in the short-term.

“This includes working with local hotel and motel partners to book appropriate hotel accommodation for short term accommodation needs and exploring capacity of previous quarantine accommodation,” she said.

“We are also exploring offers from the private sector, including commercial, holiday, mobile or other short-term rentals.

“These are options that could assist a number of individuals and families who might not be able to live in their own homes due to flood damage.”

Enoch said the State Government would continue to work closely with Specialist Homelessness Services and Community Housing providers in activated disaster areas to provide essential responses to people needing housing support.

“These are valued partners delivering services that are more important than ever right now,” she said.

“This is about providing a housing response that is wide-ranging and includes support for displaced homeowners, people in the private rental market and those who need the safety net of social housing.

“A range of products, programs and service responses is available to support people in the private rental or home ownership markets.”

Enoch said the funding package builds on the work already underway to respond to flood related housing and homelessness need, through the Queensland Government’s community recovery hubs and Housing Service Centres.

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