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Queensland appoints Minister for Cross River Rail

Minister for Cross River Rail

The Queensland Government has appointed the title of Minister for Cross River Rail to the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development.

Kate Jones, who previously oversaw the delivery of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games was selected for the role of Cross River Rail Minister. After the games were delivered, the event was removed from her title.

Jones said the Cross River Rail project will transform the south-east Queensland rail network.

“I’m pleased to be taking Cross River Rail on as an area of responsibility,” she said.

“It will mean more trains and more train stations for south-east Queensland.”

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“Queensland is a growing state and we need to ensure we plan and prepare for the future. That’s why we’re investing $5.4 billion to deliver Cross River Rail.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Cross River Rail was Queensland’s biggest project.

“Like the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games delivered benefits that will last for decades, Cross River Rail will deliver benefits well into the future,” Palaszczuk said.

“We’re investing $5.4 billion in the Cross River Rail project. It’s a massive project that will create thousands of jobs, result in more train services and less congestion.”

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