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NZ government invests $16.9b for transport system upgrade

The NZ Transport Agency has published the details of a $16.9 billion programme of investment planned for the New Zealand’s land transport system over the next three years.

The NZ Transport Agency Board has confirmed investment levels for 12 separate activity classes included in the 2018/21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP).

The NTLP is a partnership between local government, which invests local funding on behalf of ratepayers, and the NZ Transport Agency, which invests national funding on behalf of the NZ government, through the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

The $16.9 billion 2018/21 NTLP includes $12.9 billion from the NLTF, with $3.4 billion from local authorities. The NZ government will also invest $547 million in additional Crown funding to deliver specific programmes through the NLTP.

Fergus Gammie, NZ Transport Agency’s chief executive, said NLTP investments are designed to give effect to the strategic priorities outlined in the Government Policy Statement for land transport.

“The investments to be made through the NLTP will help to create a safer, more accessible, sustainable and affordable transport system for New Zealand,” Gammie continued.

“We are committed to giving New Zealanders a range of safe travel options and creating a transport system that is more resilient and accessible.

“This is an investment in the transport system as a whole and it aims to make all parts of the system work better together to provide the greatest benefits to people and communities.”

The level of transport investment over the next three years will be the largest on record, and there will be a different mix of outcomes compared with previous NLTPs.

“There is greater focus on one complete transport system that embraces and better joins all travel options including public transport and walking and cycling,” Gammie continued.

“We’ll be investing in activities with strong safety outcomes, providing better access to all forms of transport and making the system more resilient to keep communities, people and businesses connected.”

The preparation of NLTP 2018/21 includes input from regional transport committees and Auckland Transport, which have submitted regional land transport programmes outlining their priorities for NLTP funding.

“Together with our local authority partners, we are investing in the development of the transport system across the entire country,” Gammie said.

“NLTP investments aim to be both regionally responsive and nationally consistent.

“We’ve worked closely with local government for several months to ensure that these investments are carefully targeted to areas and activities where they are needed most and will deliver the best outcomes for the greatest number of people in the regions.

“The Transport Agency will continue to work closely with councils to deliver the programme over the next three years.”

Full details of the investments being made through the NLTP, including detailed regional breakdowns, can be found here.

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