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Improving construction industry safety through cross-border collaboration

A united group of nine industry bodies have come together to tell those working in the construction industry to treat the current COVID-19 situation with the highest importance and adhere to all recommended safety procedures.

Two hundred construction workers, senior managers and executives gathered at the 6th ACT/NSW Cross-Border Construction Project Breakfast to continue efforts to improve safety in the construction industry.

The collaboration between SafeWork NSW and WorkSafe ACT aims to improve compliance and the safety culture in the Canberra region and provide consistent messaging to the construction industry on Work Health and Safety.

“Bringing together employers, workers, unions and industry is a crucial part of this initiative and I applaud all participants who continue to be improving safety,” said Rachel Stephen-Smith, minister for employment and workplace safety.

“The collaboration draws together the expertise from across the two jurisdictions and has played a considerable role in improving the safety standards in both commercial and residential construction sites.

“The networking and conversations that occur at these events is part of a wider cultural change, which is occurring across the industry.

“The event highlighted the Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018 that passed the Assembly in early 2018 and will commence on January 1, 2019.

“The purpose of the Bill is to improve the safety in the ACT’s construction industry by facilitating greater consultation between employers and workers on major construction projects.”