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Construction chemical manufacturer expands scope with phenolic resins

Australia could become a leader in using Artificial intelligence (AI) to design and build better cities, towns and infrastructure, according to a roadmap developed by CSIRO.

A US-based chemical company will begin manufacturing phenolic resins, a key component in fire-resistant cladding, at its Brimbank site in Melbourne.

Phenolic resins and adhesives are often used in binders for a number of construction activities, typically used where high-heat resistance and long-term durability are requires.

They are commonly used for load-bearing engineered wood, such as structural plywood and laminated veneer lumber to provide thermal stability at high temperatures.

When used in cladding and insulation materials, phenolic resins meet the National Construction Code.

The manufacturer, Hexion, will begin construction of a new reactor and associated infrastructure in early 2020.

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“As a global leader uniquely positioned in the Australia and New Zealand markets considering our significant manufacturing footprint, the new capacity is designed to meet the growing demand for phenolic resins that can serve in a variety of applications including as a component in fire-resistant cladding material for commercial, institutional and residential applications,” said Hexion President, Chair and CEO Craig Rogerson.

“By developing adhesive solutions with low fire, smoke and toxicity properties, the investment is aligned with our ongoing commitment of providing sustainable products that are designed to improve safety in building materials.”

Hexion Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific Rob Smith said that Hexion is the main phenolic resin producer in Australia and is committed to growing its regional customers.

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